The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, one of the 16 states of the federation, is the second largest city in Germany with its 1.7 million inhabitants. In this sense, it is a city as well as a state. Economically and culturally, Hamburg is also the centre of Northern Germany. 3.5 million people live in the 755 square kilometres large metropolitan region of Hamburg – for them, Hamburg is a shopping and cultural metropolis.

With 30 square metres of living space per person, Hamburg has the biggest average living space of all major cities in the world. As much as 14% of the city area is made up of green spaces and recreational areas. Hamburg has 2,302 bridges – more than Venice and Amsterdam combined. With over 90 consulates, Hamburg is second only to New York City.

As a trade centre, Hamburg has always been outward-looking, that has shaped the mentality of Hamburg’s inhabitants.
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Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

With 14,000 students Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is the second largest institution of higher education in the Hamburg region and one of the largest of its kind (university of applied sciences) in Germany. Founded in 1970, our roots go back to the 18th century. Our practice orientation guarantees a continuous adjustment of teaching based on current development. Small groups, interdisciplinary projects and academic support ensure that our students feel at home at our university.


Engineering & Computer Science, Life Sciences, Design, Media & Information, Business & Social Sciences – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes within its four faculties leading to the academic qualifications »Bachelor« and »Master«.

Applied Sciences

Practice orientation is our trademark: theory from lectures is put into practice in the laboratories, study projects are completed in the form of case studies, close cooperation with industry ensures a direct link to the future field of work. In many programmes students have to complete a semester-long internship in industry. In addition to an academic title, our professors worked for many years in private companies and public institutions before joining the university.


1,800 international students study at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (13 % of all students), representing over 100 nations. We also welcome international guest students from our partner universities abroad. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has cooperations with over 140 European universities as well as universities in North and South America, in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.


Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

The TUHH is one of Germany’s youngest and most successful universities. Plans for a university of technology in the Süderelbe area of Hamburg go back to the 1920s. Fifty years later, in 1978, the Hamburg University of Technology came into being, its mission to promote structural change in the region.

Between 1982 and 2005, a campus university grew up in the south of Hamburg, its modern buildings blending into the terrain. With its green spaces and trees, the campus is an inviting place to linger. Gradually, the TUHH extended its site northward to the edge of the Schwarzenberg.

Research activities began in 1980 and teaching in 1982/83. Now, the TUHH has around 100 professors and 1,150 employees (including 500 academic staff, inclusive of those with salaries from third-party funding). With around 5,000 students, this makes for an excellent staff-student ratio. There is plenty of space on campus for encounters and fruitful exchanges of ideas. The atmosphere is easy to describe – young, innovative, unconventional, original and creative, an ideal atmosphere for developing new ideas in engineering sciences.

The founding principles of the TUHH are unique in Germany. The priority of research, an interdisciplinary approach, innovation, regionalism and internationalism are the obligatory foundations for what we do. Research, teaching and technology transfer are centered around the guiding theme of developing technology for people.

Mission Statement:

TUHH is a competitive entrepreneurial university focussing on high-level performance and high quality standards. TUHH is dedicated to the principles of Humboldt (unity of research and education). TUHH has a strong international orientation and also focusses on its local environment. It does so by contributing to the development of the technological and scientific competence of society. Aiming at excellency at the national and international level in its strategic research fields. Educating young engineers and academics within demanding programmes using advanced teaching methods.


EUROAVIA Hamburg • Symposium iCabin • 12th - 17th March • © 2012 Euroavia - Hamburg • Background Image © by Artwork Top
EUROAVIA Hamburg • Symposium iCabin • 12th – 17th March EUROAVIA Hamburg • Symposium iCabin • 12th – 17th March